5 Must-to-Have Features of an Ideal Fantasy Football Android App

The market of fantasy football game is growing day by day. In the USA alone, 53% of football lovers are already involved in fantasy football games and it is expected to increase rapidly. Along with entertainment, the game offers a smooth and safe platform to earn extra. Moreover, it has given a creative platform to businesses to advertise their business indirectly. Since android based mobile devices are using more than Apple, you can look to develop the fantasy football app supporting Android devices. Let’s discover the key features that can make a fantasy football android app user-friendly, engaging and popular.


The app should support the feature to keep users well informed of all the developments in both the real and FIFA world of football. At the bottom of the app, tabs like News, Forum and Match Day should be supported. The News tab helps to keep the performance of team players. Users don’t need to browse and switch from the app to see the current performance. The Forum tab discusses a variety of topics related to the match where users can give their comment. The Match Day tab features live commentary and the latest news.

Formation Tree & Player Icons

An ideal and professional fantasy android app development company focuses on adding formation tree just above the Newsfeed page. The feature helps you know how many players are currently playing, how many are injured, who is suspended and who have already played. Each player has an icon, telling about their current performance such as the White Circle indicates the player has still to play and the Red Circle is a sign of suspended players. It helps you to quickly identify the current game status.

Virtual Currency

In this unique feature, instead of real currency virtual currency is used to buy players for your team. Users will have virtual currency backup from previously winning cash prizes. Now, it is depended on users how they want to use the currency. The flexibility makes the game more exciting and interesting.

Challenge Your Friends

To take the game excitement a level up, android fantasy app developers have connected the game with social sites. From Facebook and other social media platforms, users can challenge their friends to play the game. Users can compete against their friends and win cash prizes. With this feature, companies can indirectly promote their gaming app. This is an integral part of the game.

Transfer Cash Prizes Instantly

Since there are many fantasy football game apps and in this competitive environment, trust plays a pivotal role. Transfer the winning prizes directly to the user account right after he wins the match is necessary. If the game app is taking time to transfer cash prizes, it can cause anxiety to users. They may hesitate to participate in the game later. Finally, when it is too late to receive the win amount, the game can be deleted. So, the game app should contain instant money transfer.


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