How to develop your fantasy cricket application like Dearm11?

The emergence and popularization of Dearm11 fantasy cricket app development have got a potential influence. The love for cricket will always remain imperative for the Indian sports lover. There are many software companies to build fines fantasy cricket app. The best part is fantasy cricket app development has become a lucrative business in today’s context.

Fantasy sport was first introduced in the Indian market back in 2001 by ESPN super selector. Over the last two decades, the fantasy sports domain has evolved. Dream11 happens to be the most superior product consisting of 90% of the total market share in the fantasy sports league. Other significant platforms, MPL, MyTeam11, My11Circle, Fantain, etc. are also has a significant impact in this context.

With its consolidation and prominent presence in the market, venture capitals have started investing a bulk in many companies. As a result, fantasy cricket app development has marked an intense stroke in the software industry. Fantasy cricket app development companies are replicating unique fantasy sports business ideas and giving power to the business.

What makes fantasy cricket app development so coveting?

In India, sports have always been a much-discussed topic and an excellent entertainment medium. Indians take pride in their love for sports, especially cricket. Dream11 is offering fantasy football, cricket, basketball, and kabaddi. Out of these games, cricket and kabaddi are in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. On the other hand, football and basketball are prevalent in Northeastern and southern countries.

Dream11 indicates the growing market, as well as the demands of the people. It is obviously an inspiration for startup businesses.

Take a glance at the current status of this booming industry:

  • The report of IFSG-AC suggests 67% of the total Indian population is aware of a fantasy sports application.
  • Currently, Dream11 has got 1.8 crore users and has become the most significant player in the race.
  • Over the last two years, the registered users have reached 2 million to 30 million.
  • 89% of all the users play fantasy sports in every month. 

These statistics show how profitable the fantasy sports world has become. Many entrepreneurs are looking forward to investing as being a source of significant revenue in return.

fantasy cricket like dream11

Features and Functionality

These features must call for attention for your fantasy cricket app development:

For Registered users

  • Application user Registration section
  • Home Screen
  • View player stats
  • Profile setting
  • My offers
  • Join or create a league tournament
  • Create a team page to render skills, format, position, and points.

For web admin

  • Admin login section
  • Manage results and point
  • Transaction management
  • E-points management
  • Manage leagues and player assignments.
  • Manage a list of payments, users, and transactions.  

Addition features

  • Powerful admin panel
  • Live Match Score
  • Live Score API Integration
  • CRM integration
  • Push notification
  • Real-time Analytics.
  • GPS location tracking
  • Customer mail reminder system
  • Multiple Payment gateways.

 Tips for developing seamless fantasy cricket application

#Tip1 Easy onboarding

This should be the foremost priority before start designing the fantasy cricket application. There should be guiding elements in the app that takes the users across different parts of the application.

#Tip2 defined real estate

If you have already worked with a fantasy sports application, you know how large the information set is. The users’ activity ranges from creating leagues, track real-time scores, access dashboard team management, and make payments. Thus, it’s essential to wireframe the real estate of the screen. The designers must choose the best ways to show all the different data sets a user needs.

#Tip 3 Minimal text usage

Try not to incorporate too much text in the application. Here comes the power of graphics. Until the application requires some definite point to add text, avoid using it in the application. It calls the utmost importance to know how your efforts can be monetized.

Make money from your fantasy cricket application

#Tip4 Advertisement

It is the most commonly used monetization model. A fantasy cricket application relies on advertisement much. You can assign any popular platform or media channel for branding your application and showcase your offer.

#Tip5 Participation fees

A potential fantasy cricket platform organizes various contests and offers customers a great chance to win payouts. The offer comes up with participation fees. It can add massive value to your business.

#Tip6 User engagement models

Giant players like FanDuel, DraftKings offer and enable the users to initiate multiple contests weekly. In turn, it could increase your revenue from leagues while entwining the participants for the entire season. 

Bottom line

Make sure to choose a skilled fantasy cricket app development company to take your fantasy sports business to the next level. It is better not to go all out if your marketing spends while launching the final product without getting a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) first. Make it a point to gather positive customer data and statistics to generate more users for the future. 


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