Remarkable points while purchasing apps from Play store

Almost all you hit the tab of Play Store to buy apps. Many of you end with buying an app which seems pointless. Why does it happen so? Have you ever analysed it? It is totally wastage of time and money. According to a reputed mobile apps development company in Gurgaon, it is crucial to follow some buying rules to avoid purchasing an app which is useless. Let’s check out these important points.

Search with Relevant Keywords

When it comes to search a particular app, it is must that you search by writing relevant keywords. For example, if you are looking for an app for finance, browse according to the category or provide a search hint.

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Check the Rating, Comments, Features & Video

It is highly important that you go through the rating first and then features. Come across the comments and videos. This will help you get the best app you are looking for.


Ask your friends or take help from social networking sites. It is always good to get recommendations for any app that you tend to buy. Users who have experienced the app can better tell you about this. Recommendation is must when the app is costly.


In case 2 apps sound similar, it is must to compare them. You can discuss about these apps socially or through forum. Comparison will help you know which one is better. Compare the rating, features, number of downloads and version.


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