Top Features of White Label Daily Fantasy Sports Software

Those who are interested in getting a white label daily fantasy sports software program should be aware of the important key features of the program to get the best service. A white label program is a program that is produced by a daily fantasy software developer and is re brand by the client to make it appear as if they had made it. A high-quality and strategically designed fantasy game program is appreciated by all. Let’s discover the following features that make a white label fantasy app powerful, effective and famous.

A Flexible Program to Change The Setup

Your white label of fantasy sports should give you options for daily or season long or even custom weekly match setup feature. For example, a fantasy cricket application should have the flexibility to change the setup of the game for the ongoing live matches. There are varieties of cricket tournaments are played like IPL, World Cup and Test Matches.  The admin of the program should have control to switch to the current match.

Free to Play or Paid Leagues

To make a fantasy sports application popular, adding play and win cash feature is necessary. Play fantasy cricket and win real cash is the feature that can excite the game lovers more. They would like to indulge in the game more. Thus, it increases the popularity of the game. Along with this feature, it is important to create a fantasy app that is totally free to play for user engagement.

Social Engagement

The real excitement of a game is experienced when it is played in a group. Therefore, it is necessary to add the feature that allows users to connect with their social media account and invite friends to play the game. This is indirectly beneficial for the client.

Flexibility to Create A Group of Players

A fantasy sports game is a game of skills. The gaming app should give users proper control in creating a league or a team of their choices. From the live match, they can create a team and keep an eye on their performance.

Easy to Change Themes

To increase user’s engagement, your white label daily fantasy sports software should have the flexibility to change the theme. Having the same appearance for a long time can make the gaming app boring. Bringing a few changes in the theme can increase user’s engagement. This is a vital feature to make a fantasy game popular.

Appropriate Space to Advertise

It is no secret that with the launch of a fantasy sports game, a client wants to indirectly promote their products. So, the app should be designed strategically. It should have appropriate room to advertise offers and deals.

A Simple & Straightforward Game

One of the major characteristics of a fantasy game is that it should be easy to install. These types of gaming application are enjoyed by all types of people, those who are techy and those who are not so technically keen. The feature easy to install and run is necessary to analyses.


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