What is The Difference Between Developing for Android and iOS?

Mobile App development scenario has changed over the years and will keep on changing for generating better prospects in the field of applications. Mobile applications have already become an integral part of more than 70% of Smartphone users. The question lies in front of us is that with such wide platforms available how is the app development possible and compatible? The simple answer to this is the flexibility in technical aspects of various domains that eventually dominate app market.

Android app development iOS app development

Android app developers vs iPhone app developers

Android app developers have been working since the evolvement of Cupcake with certified SDK given to them which was applicable in JAVA programming language. Also introducing iPhone in 2007, Apple launched the iPhone SDK for development of apps in 2008 which was later adapted as iOS SDK. Analyzing the current situation of the market, iOS and Android are the two major competitors that dominate the app making. Windows and Blackberry have their own share in the app market but their number of users seems to be far behind these.

Commencing with App Making- The general needs for developing app on any of the platforms are same as it would be required as a part of app development ecosystem. But the setup for Android app development prove to be far more easy then iOS. For iOS, you need a MAC system with latest version of iOS. Default IDE by choice for development of apps on iOS is X-code. It possesses the best functionality among all the app making coders helping at each and every juncture to iPhone app developers. With Android, it offers variety of operating systems to develop an app like Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Android SDK is easily available online and you can download it commence with Android app development.

Versions Updated with Time- The mobile app developers for Android and iPhone need to be thoroughly accustomed with latest evolvements in the app market. Due to cut throat competitions prevailing between the Google and Android platforms, they continuously try to come up with extensive features and sublime effects on the application. Android has presently introduced Android Marshmallow 6.0 in order to spread its market and reach out for more users in the market. This was in context to iOS 9 which was previously introduced last year making iPhone devices work wonders in your hand. With every minute change in version, app development techniques have to be reformed by the developers.

Technical Interactions On App Development- With iPhone, everything in the app needs to be felt classy and overwhelming. The interface with the user is given far more importance here. While working with JAVA platform on Android, it does more focusing on the tools present at server side rather than user experience. This is the reason why Android app developers along with designer’s team need to app elegance in a distinctive manner. API for both these platforms almost pretend to have similar functionality which makes it easy for a section of developers

Furthermore, the update techniques with both the operating system are different. For developing native Android app there is a separate provision of NDK. The accumulation of space that iOS SDK requires along with x-code development toolkit on your PC or laptop is around 4GB or more.

So with flourishing app development business in the mobile app development industry, it is hard to choose between Android and iOS app development. But since Android application development can prove worthier and smarter way to work within the market, it should be adopted firstly as a business to startup. Then one can try to expand the wings settling down in the market with iOS development.


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