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With regards to mobile application development, Companies can set themselves free from platform dependencies in the event that they go portable through the method for cross-stage mobile application development. Regularly spending budget and time constraints are the real reasons for confining a business to a single platform, yet cross-platform mobile application development is a ultimate solution. These applications are controlled by HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, and great experience of mobile application developers adds local look and feel to them.

Mentobile Technology, an Indian based cross-platform mobile application development organization knows how to merge local and web Technology to create cross platform mobile software. We at Mentobile Technology offer the best of the cross platform mobile application development solutions for help organizations rapidly and financially go mobile. With the utilization of a solitary codebase, we can execute it to various mobile and web platforms.

The methodology followed by Mentobile Technology

  • Creating the research based cross-stage application development system by strategy the requirements of customers.
  • Interacting with customers during the research phase and adding to the thought by feasibility of available Technology
  • Assessing the available infrastructure to understand the thought into reality
  • Pushing the development with full pace paying little heed to the sort or size of the project
  • Passing the end-item thorough testing phases to guarantee it’s free from bugs.

We utilize following frameworks /devices/Technology in cross stage portable application development.

Advantages of cross platform mobile application development:

Reduced cost, increased speed

It is hard this opposite extent in anything besides cross platform mobile application development gets it going. The better the mobile app developers in gurgaon have expertise, faster they can end the item with least investment. It satisfies all, from prospects of a business to accomplices, to people. The code is developed without a moment's delay and afterward mobile developers can utilize a variety of devices to make an interpretation of this code into a few programming languages. The electronic application code (the amalgamation of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript) is deciphered into a few local codes for specific platform.

Simple access to plug-insanity

One of the best qualities of cross-platform application development technique is that it gives an easy access to the modules simplifying the overall development process. Just for example, both PhoneGap and appcelerator offer simple access to various modules which designers can use in different tools or services. That implies hall links to API can be utilized for two different platforms.

Simple code technique, simple for developers

Cross Platform mobile application development systems like PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, Appcelerator, Corona SDK, and RhoMobile SDK and different others are designed to work with scripting-level languages and give a easiness to web developers. HTML, CSS and JavaScript serve as the spine in any cross-platform application development.

Enterprise and cloud services support

At Mentobile Technology, we not simply make applications that keep running on various platforms additionally incorporate cloud services. We give the best of portable development arrangements taking into account cloud services.

Where is Cross Platform mobile apps development used?

Cross-platform is an attribute presented to PC software or computing methods and ideas that are executed and between works on various PC platforms. Cross-platform software might be separated into two sorts; one requires individual building or compilation for every platform that it bolsters, and the other one can be easiness keep running on any stage without extraordinary readiness, For Example, software written in a translated language or pre-arranged portable bytecode for which the interpreters or run-time packages are regular or standard components of all platforms.

Why Mentobile Technology for Cross Platform?

Our own Mentobile Technology happens to be getting out Corner System mobile software development solutions for you to clients from on the entire world. With a devoted group of Cross Platform developers, we can give taking after scope of services.

  • For Android Application Development
  • For iPhone/iPad Application Development
  • Application Development of Windows Phone
  • For Blackberry Application Development
  • For Open Source Customization
  • For Web Application Growth

Mentobile Technology that design mobile application with quality developers are very much experienced in the whole Rhodes Suite that includes RhoMobile, RhoHub, RhoConnect and RhoStudio and RhoGallery. With the learning of above RhoMobile suite components, our customers simply don't have to stress over gadget sorts, screen resolutions, and OS. RhoMobile Suite gives the best of backing to all the cell phones being used and developers can completely control application-behavior.

In the event that you are looking for any kind of consultation, solution, service and item in light of cross platform frameworks / Technology like PhoneGap, Sencha Touch, Titanium Appcelerator, Corona SDK ,Titanium Appcelerator, RhoMobile, and also HTML/JQuery Mobile, you can reach one of our officials at contact@mentobile.com or a better way to contact on +91 7017-967-183.

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